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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do if my regular benefit check is late?

If the payment has not arrived 3 days after the due date, please contact us and we will research the matter.  If your check was mailed and a reasonable mail time has elapsed, you should then request that we cancel it and issue a replacement check. A replacement check will be processed and mailed within 7 to 10 business days from the date of the request.

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How do I properly notify Aurora of a change in address?

You simply need to notify us by a written and signed request.  Your request must include your contract number.  Or, if requested, we will provide you with a form on which to submit your new information.

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Can I give you my address change over the phone or the Internet?

For the protection of our clients, we only accept requests for address changes in writing and with signatures.  Signatures are verified prior to processing all requests.  Although phoning or E-mailing in such information is certainly easier, it is not in the best interests of our customers.

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I want my benefit payments directly deposited into my bank account.  How do I do that?

Simply download the Direct Deposit/EFT form from our web site, follow the instructions and return the form to us.  If you are unable to print this form, call us and we will send you a form to submit your bank information.  Or, you may submit your information as a written and signed request, which should include a voided personal check or deposit slip from the account you will be using and your bank's phone number.

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Some of my bank information has changed.  How do I properly notify Aurora?

For your protection, we request that you submit the change(s) in writing.  Please make sure your request is signed.

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Who are listed as my beneficiary(ies)? 

For the protection of our customers, information specific to your policy must be requested in writing by the Contract Annuitant or Contract Owner.

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How do I change my beneficiary?

Upon request, we will send you an Annuity Service Request Form. Or, you may provide us with your written, signed request for beneficiary designation.  All beneficiary designations (if applicable) must be authorized by the Contract Owner.

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I need verification of my annuity income.  How can I get it?

Please send to us a written and signed request that includes your contract number.  Your request will be processed and a response mailed to you.

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When do I need to have my signature notarized?

Because all change requests are ``signature verified" before processing, you may want to have your signature notarized whenever feasible to avoid potential processing delays. You may also call one of our customer service representatives for further clarification.

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